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Gone (featuring Broken Chanter)

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Gone is about holding on to a secret which you think will change how people see you. In my case, it's about when I hadn't yet come out as gay. It's about the fear that everything will be different once you reveal something about yourself you are afraid of. As with many of the songs in the record - I wanted there to be an optimism and energy in the music itself, as if this is a memory from the other side of making that jump to being your authentic self. There's a sense of celebration and relief in that these words are a relic of my past - I've danced that sadness and anxiety away.


David and I have been playing music together for a while now - I am lucky enough to play fiddle in Broken Chanter's live band. I think that Gone is the perfect mid-point between David's and my own styles. David was in the middle of writing and recording his own record "Catastrophe Hits" when we got in the studio to make this, and he brought the guitar licks from an early draft of his song "Allow Yourself", as well as a verse from his own unique perspective, sung in his distinctive and powerful voice. I was proud to be able to return the favour and add my voice and fiddle to the song "Filaments" on his record.

The video is about missed chances. The character I play here dreams of a life lived with the man behind the bar - but the chance is missed. Don't miss your chance to live as you want to live - you only get one.

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